Saikat Bhadra - Offer: I will screen your resume for free as a Googler would

Offer: I will screen your resume for free as a Googler would

I get a bunch of questions about Google on Quora. A lot of these questions are from prospects who are trying to learn more about the tech giant and are considering applying there. My career has benefited from a lot of generous help from others so since I have a bit of free time, I wanted to give back a little.

So I’m promising to screen resumes to the first 15 people who send me their resumes exactly as I would if I was at Google (or any similar big tech company). Please e-mail at


  • I will spend approximately 15 minutes on each resume I see; which is a bit more than I would do at Google (5-10 minutes)
  • Iterations count as a new submission; any re-reviews will count towards the 15 freebies I’m giving out
  • I will not review technical prospects as I have no Google experience in screening these candidates (and the interview process is fairly different)
  • If you are looking for roles in a specific area (business analyst, BD, product, etc.) please let me know so I can tailor my advice

My credentials

  • My linked in profile:
  • Relevant experience - I worked 2 years at a boutique consultancy as a strategy consultant, worked at an inner consulting group at Google, and then was part of founding team at Google Offers, where I worked in sales operations. I’m now in the startup world, which is a whole different ballgame for hiring.
  • Interview experience - I wasa heavy interviewer for the commerce & sales strategy teams at Google since I was part of the founding team that built those teams. I estimate that I led 50+ interviews in my time there. Here are the roles I’ve interviewed people for: Sales Strategy, Sales Operations, Biz Analyst, Research Analyst, and Product Management. I’ve had about 10 people join Google after interviewing through me.

If I have time, I’m happy to review past the 15 freebies for the small price of a coffee / beer to pay for the beverage that I’ll drink as I screen your resume :).